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  • mobileappdev

    Mobile App Development

    Our products, and yours!

    Apple’s iOS • Android • BlackBerry’s OS • Smartphones • Tablets

  • parentandbabylargeimage

    Parent & Baby Handbook

    The Parent & Baby Handbook

    An application providing answers and advice from a selection of the world’s most renowned books on parenting

  • devices


    All Platforms

    Native development app-side. Bespoke server-side development. We’ve got you covered.

  • cawood


We provide the skills for every app, for every client. Whether your company's looking to expand their mobile footprint, or an idea hit you on your bus ride home, we've got the capabilities you need to transform your idea into reality. Check out some of our recent work.

  • Personal Ideas

    Got an idea that the world needs? Let us transform your vision into earning power by building an application that demands attention. We have the experience to ask the right questions and lay the right foundations. You want to target iPhone users? Done! You like the Android ecosystem? No problem! Why not have both, and more, on phones and tablets?!

  • Business Services

    With the world wide web quickly migrating itself onto smart-phones and tablets, mobile applications are fast becoming a necessary medium of exposure and interaction for every company. Customised Applications offers full spectrum, end to end support, for creating the perfect extension to your company’s brand

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Streamline your business and boost productivity, by implementing a customised in-house application. Let us help you enable your business to extend its reach and deliver more, more often, offering the support you and your staff need when off-site. Allow us to work side by side with you, to develop an indispensable product for your business

  • In the Market

    Partner with us to transform your ideas into products worth selling. For your product to get noticed in the app-stores, you will need the latest designs with unparalleled usability. Our experience in the mobile and software design space stretches over a decade, and we know just how to make your product shine

  • All Ideas. All Devices.

    Cloud services, GPS, motion sensors, voice recognition, social integration and HD cameras (to name a few), all provide the creative mind with new and innovative ways of solving life’s problems. Some of the best ideas for applications happen around the dinner table or in the shower, when someone thinks: “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that did…”

  • Joint Ventures

    We offer the skills to transform your idea into a tangible reality, creating you a potential earnings portal, or streamlining your business. This can be done in partnership with us. Cost should never be a boundary to getting good ideas into the world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your idea

some happy clients

Latest client apps


The collection of apps we’ve written for our varied clients grows every day, along with our business. We’ve done everything from single-person startup ideas, to enterprise-level mobile solutions, closely integrated with the business processes.
We’re also equally as comfortable working in the construction sector, as the medical; the marketing, as the
entertainment; the sporting, as the artistic; and everything in-between.

Check out a selection of them here, most native, some HTML5, some using bits of both, and utilising technologies ranging from web service API’s to Bluetooth to watches to advanced graphics to geo-fencing to social network integration to GPS tracking and custom cameras


We like open spaces!
…Creativity flows…

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